SEO Advanced Package at SEO Pack

Ideal for: Small Businesses with a new site, trying to get started. or for small businesses that just want to “climb up” for a keyword that they “used to rank”

The Advanced SEO package is a cool name for an SEO package, but in reality is not EXTREMELY ADVANCED.

It should be called: The Practical NON BS Package

So the deal is very simply, this package takes 6 weeks and after 6 weeks you will start seeing some results ranking wise.

The interesting thing is that includes help in the onsite SEO arena. So I personally will do a video review of your site giving you tips, suggestions for you and your webmaster to change in your site.

These changes combined with clean simple and effective link building can bring back the ranking to your site.


Amount of keywords to Optimize: 3 Keywords
Contract? No, No  Contract
Payment Term? One time Payment
Cost? $650
Duration: 6 Weeks time

What you Get

This Package offers Onsite SEO video review, where I will review your site in via video (recorder) and I will recommend things to change in your site to improve your ranking . The video review takes aprox 15 minutes and it can really change the way you see your site. (Trust me, when you get an objective person reviewing your site, it can be pretty revealing, specially from an SEO professional point of view)

This package also includes Competition Analysis,  the competition analysis is not “just another typical free report” provided by SEO companies… instead I give the juicy stuff… I tell you who is ranking for your keywords (you know that already) but mainly WHY.

This is pretty powerful, specially if you consider I will tell you who is doing SEO and how much SEO are they doing.

The process starts by submitting your site to 1000 Directory

Then the site it’s send to different 250 social bookmarks. These bookmarks are not being sent in the same day (that’s not very healthy)…
12  Unique Article Creation and each article is submitted  to 500 Article directories.
Then I  create 250 Profile Links to your main URL
We create 1 Squidoo lens and send a contextual backlink to your site.
the same procedure goes with hubpages
15 Blog Comments
Yes Video Marketing
Video Sydnication Via Pixelpipe
Ranking guarantee?

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