Oh God… so this is the part where I try to sell you an SEO package ;) yes?

OK. Let’s try to do something different. Shall We?

You need something that works, mainly because you are sick of all the freaking sales people calling you telling you things like


Instead you just want to find the REAL DEAL, someone decent you can trust. Someone that can do the job without giving you more hassle….

but the problem is … well.. it’s dam difficult to finding the REAL deal, specially on the internet.

Because let’s face it… everyone seems to be an expert and everyone promises the earth and the moon….


Well, mainly to understand that an SEO package is not a magic bullet… so in a few words, this is not like “pay now and tomorrow you are 1st….  the idea of an SEO package is to get an strategy, and that’s where I try to be different in the strategy.

My name is Gabriel Machuret. I’m an SEO consultant. I don’t speak corporate language and I hate GEEK SEO talk.

I was born in Colombia and now I live in Beautiful Merimbula with my 2 amazing boys, my wife and my huge German Shepperd.

I do this for a living …. and “this” means SEO. So in a few words: If you are looking for SEO, I’m what you can call… a “professional”…

But the difference is one:

  • I’m not cheapest option.
  • I deliever.
  • I don’t outsource my SEO to a guy in India.
  • I don’t try to sell you cr*p you don’t need
  • I provide results
  •  and I’m in fact, a  nice guy.

That’s all.

So If you are still interested here we go, I offer 4 different type of SEO packages… although not every SEO packages FITS all type of sites and sometimes I modify each package to try to fit as much as possible your site needs.

Before you choose one… keep in mind YOU are accountable, SEO can’t be your only strategy. YOU NEED to be involved…. Click here to find out more.

You can choose from:

Beginner SEO package: This is my smallest SEO deal and it works great for small local businesses that are trying to rank mainly in one location.

This is recommended for sites that are at least 6 months old and want to start optimizing content and have a proper search engine optimization strategy. Find more info here.

SEO Advanced package: This is my standard SEO package and it’s recommended also to go for at least 4 to 6 months. In this package we focus in 10 keywords and we optimize 12 pages. This is a perfect solution for small business owners that are keen in start moving a bit faster in the rankings being aware their competitors are already doing the same.


Please before you contact me, have a proper look around. I believe in working only with business owners looking to work with me to improve their site, ranking, marketing and leads.

No upsell. No pitches. No Photos with Google logos… ;) Need more info, hit the contact form and send me an email. I may be able to help you ;)

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